Natural Gas Replacement – Degassing

Local councils have declared a Climate Emergency.  Therefore, they are under an obligation to degass there existing property portfolios.  Ferguson Brown have assisted them to achieve this goal by the following

Reducing energy usage including

  • Thermal upgrade of the building fabric where possible.
  • Upgrade of heat recovery to existing AHUs.
  • Installation of heat recovery to existing systems.
  • Holistic evaluation of existing systems so these are not overdesigned for end use.

Following efficiency measures low carbon measures include

  • Thermal batteries to store renewable energy.
  • Upgrade of heater batteries in existing AHUs to allow for lower water temperatures.
  • Heat pumps, both ground and air source and maximising their Seasonal COP
  • Biomass
  • Solar thermal
  • Photovoltaic
  • Ambient loop heat recycling networks

Ferguson Brown provide natural gas replacement ( Degassing)  Designs to support  the drive to lower dependancy on carbon-based fuel sources.