Freshford Mill Freshford Bath


Conversion of the Old Mill to 24 Residential Units

Design Considerations

  • Potable Cold Water Provision
  • Natural Gas Provision
  • Heating and Hot Water Provision
  • Drainage Provision
  • Rainwater system
  • Ventilation
  • LV Supply/Public Utility Supply
  • Small Power and Data
  • Lighting and Lighting Control
  • Telecommunication
  • Fire Alarm and Detection System
  •  Intruder Alarm Systems

Ecology /Regeneration

The land at Freshford Mill was contaminated over many years by the industrial works carried out at the site. The contamination of the land posed a threat, not only to insect, mammal and animal health but to the flora and fauna of the area. Further, there was a risk that the contamination might one day make its way into the river to affect both the water quality and the inhabitants of the river.

The remediation work carried out by the clients Team, whilst ensuring that the development is safe for human occupation, has also benefited the wild life of the Mill and the surrounding area. In addition, the regeneration of the existing Victorian buildings (rather than demolition and rebuilding) has revitalised some of the important industrial heritage of England. The planning conditions require the maintenance of a Landscape Ecology Management Plan  to ensure that there is conservation management for the range of habitats and key species across the land.