Edmonton Eco Park

Ferguson Brown Sustainability (FBS) were commissioned to produce a sustainability assessment statement for planning.

Sustainability Objectives

The target reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 20% is to be met by solar thermal hot water and air source heat pumps together with the following low energy design features:

  • double glazing
  • high levels of glazing for passive solar gains (Kalwall glazing material)
  • shading design to protect from overheating  during the summer
  • daylight optimisation
  • energy efficient luminaries
  • intelligent lighting control systems.

The addition of a ‘green roof’ to the office unit was implemented to address feedback through the planning process to date, providing  benefits with respect to rain water attenuation, habitat creation, and added insulative properties.


Sustainable Design

Client: London Waste
Architect: Corstophine & Wright
Sustainability: Ferguson Brown Sustainability