Basildon Borough Council

CO2 Reduction

Ferguson Brown’s Low Carbon designers used the base plant selection data, provided by the manufacturer, together with agreed structural reports and provided the mechanical and electrical design for the project.

Providing a sufficiently detailed design solution with  co-ordination of the mechanical and electrical systems to be installed to ensure that all work and fit the existing building.

New VRF system comprised  of :

  • Three condensers serving five low temperature hydroboxes each to heat a large thermal store.
  • Three condensers serving six high temperature hydroboxes each also tol heat a large thermal store.
Design Considerations

The system will only be utilised during the day when the external air is below +7◦C these shall be configured to fully recharge the thermal store at night.

The refrigerant system  comprised of 3-pipe distribution from condensing units located on the roof and feeding internal BC Controllers prior to serving the hydroboxes.

The condensing units have multiple inverter-driven rotary compressors offering ultra-high performance and reliability.