UN World Global Village Press Release


From 2021 to the beginning of 2022, Lu Jinping, President of the UN world global village, successfully signed contracts with 14 international construction group companies, of which many international companies have Chinese national large-scale infrastructure enterprises as technical shareholders, and held an open strategic cooperation signing ceremony with 6 Chinese national large-scale infrastructure companies, The signing ceremony of “cloud video” was held with a world-class urban planning and design team and the British company FBA Consulting limited.

So far, the UN world global village has signed contracts with a total of 23 infrastructure enterprises, and the relevant signing facts have been published in international television media, online media, newspapers and other media in a multi-channel and transparent manner. All walks of life around the world are paying close attention to every major action of Lu Jinping, President of the UN World global village. This is not only the trust of the world in Lu Jinping, but also the silent support of the UN world global village team.

The planning and construction of the United Nations global village will mark the official sailing of the era of a new high-level civilized global village for mankind in the 21st century.

The era of global village has come. Based on this call of duty, the UN world global village works closely with major elite teams around the world to jointly create a new world and a new civilization. Let people live in harmony with nature, live in harmony and share the global village era of permanent world peace!

Lead people all over the world into a more advanced era of global village. Every elite who joins the UN world global village team is not only a practitioner of permanent world peace, but also a witness of history and a leader of history.